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Jacob's Meadow Inc. is a non-profit organization that conducts historic and educational programming for the public that relates to the Jacob Prickett Jr. Log House and property. Heritage Arts are demonstrated and taught to educate the public so these arts are not forgotten. Our goal is to preserve traditions and heritage, not just for the Prickett Family, but for all new generations to see what frontier values built America and laid the foundation for our way of life.

The Jacob Prickett Jr Log House was built in 1781 and is the oldest residential structure still standing in Marion County. This building is on The National Register of Historic Places. It is a significant structure that is directly related to the structures within the historic Prickett's Fort State Park. When it was first built, it was unusual to have a full second floor and full cellar for this area. Jacob Prickett Jr fought in the Rev. War with his father who built Prickett's Fort on his land.

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On Tuesday, March 8th 2005 an arsonist struck the Prickett's Fort area, burning the oldest standing home in Marion County, West Virginia.

Jacob's Meadow Inc. is restoring the Log House back to pre-arson status, and is seeking to raise the funds necessary to complete this project. In addition to recovering the remaining logs and rebuilding the structure, better surveiliance equipment is needed since the arson was caught on tape but could not be enhanced. Between $92,000 - $100,000 will be needed for the whole project.

Update: April 5, 2012
In fall of 2011 the building was raised and under roof.   In the next few weeks chinking will be finished.

At Jacob's Meadow we keep a Master File of descendants from Capt. Jacob Prickett, Sr. and siblings if you have questions to genealogy of The Prickett Family please email.